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What is hosting?

If you have a website, you need website hosting! Website hosts store the files that make up your website and make your site available on the internet. Phoenix Website Pros is proud to offer secure, reliable, affordable professional hosting.

Why host with Phoenix Website Pros?

When you host your site with Phoenix Website Pros, you can be sure that your site will load fast, which is an important factor in your site’s search engine rankings. Your site will work properly, without any conflicts that may arise on cheaper, less-reliable web hosts. Most importantly, we work to make sure your site is up and reachable.

Some hosts offer “unlimited” disk space and bandwidth. What this means is, they are hoping that you or any other sites hosted on their servers never really use any of either! This is a process known as “overselling”. If another site on the same server starts using up a lot of disk space or bandwidth, your site could go down.

Our web hosting packages offer plenty of disk space and bandwidth, and we never oversell our packages. This means that you are guaranteed all of the disk space and bandwidth you pay for.

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